Our History

It all started with love… when Vagelis Chatzivaritis met his soon to be wife Olga Iakovidou in 1981. She was from Goumenissa, a place with a long tradition in winemaking. Little did he know that this was the place where he would, later on in life, dedicate himself into the creation of a very unique and widely undiscovered Greek wine.

Being a wine lover himself, and a man who also appreciated fine food and the simple pleasures of life, he started making his own wine to enjoy with the company of his good friends and close relatives.  For Vagelis, wine making was simply a hobby and time-out from his demanding career as a mechanical engineer.

In 1994 he planted the first 5 hectares vineyard in Bindabla area. Emphasizing the quality of the grapes, soil fertility and environmental protection organic farming was chosen since the first ever plantation. Expansion of the vineyard was inevitable, and it was done gradually planting parcels in the area of Filyria. The climate in the region is continental with plenty of rainfall in winter and hot, dry summer with cool nights. In 2007, a wonderful “boutique” winery was built in the parcel of Filyria. The production started with the well-known PDO Goumenissa wine which quickly developed into an emblematic wine for the region and was distinguished for its elegance. Over the next 10 years, the range of wines grew, and the winery began to produce other red, white, and rosé wines.

In 2017, the daughter of Vangelis and Olga – Chloi – decided to return to Greece after studying oenology in France and Portugal and having worked in various wineries in France, New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile. When she returned, she brought with her her passion and experience for low intervention wines and immediately started making a new range of wines without interventions and experimenting with new wine making techniques, such as petnat (pétillant naturel) and carbonic maceration.

Today the vineyard of the Estate consists of 20 hectares. The Chatzivaritis Estate focuses on the Greek varieties of Xinomavro, Negoska, Roditis, Malagousia, Muscat and Assyrtico, and also cultivates the popular Sauvignon blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet sauvignon in smaller surfaces.

Local storytelling says that the indigenous Greek varieties of the Xinomavro and the Negoska from which the P.D.O.  Goumenissa Chatzivaritis is produced, was the wine of choice of Philip, the King of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. Further to this, legend also has it that great quantities of wine from the region were transferred during the 1st World War to France because it was so exquisite.

Our story is made out of long summer Mediterranean-style family gatherings, endless late-night discussions intoxicated by the love for winemaking and a wine that speaks for itself. And this is why we make wine as we live.. with meraki!